Business Coaches for Tradies

Business Coaches for Tradies

The exponential growth of service delivery, the beginning of profit realisation and the further realisation of your dreams, are key elements of any successful tradie business. How do you tap into these? By working with Australia’s best-niched group of leading tradies and successful business owners who can transform your working life.

LeVeon, is a business coaching service owned and managed by a team of experienced professionals in the industry. Our portfolio of programs handles all the elements required to start and run a successful business and we are based in every major business centre in Australia

Are you ready and willing to do what it takes to make your business or idea thrive? Then LeVeon is at your disposal. Working with a tried and tested Tradie Business Coach is a fantastic way to help ensure the ongoing successful performance of your business and our Business Mentors can help you maintain a goal-oriented approach whilst addressing all of the needs of your particular trade venture. 

Through LeVeon, we ensure you are connected to major Business Mentors with the contemporary relevant industry expertise.

Simply put, a tradie, tradesman or trades person

What Exactly Is a ‘Tradie’?

Simply put, a tradie, tradesman or trades person, is a skilled manual worker who either works in, or owns a business in a particular craft or trade. A tradesman is a professional with a strong knowledge of both theoretical and practical element of that trade.

If this is you, however, you may be unsure how to turn that business into a larger success.

  • Do you have a clear strategy for the exponential growth of your business?
  • Are you experiencing common problems and are always tackling them in the same old ways but expecting different results?
  • Are you already running a successful venture but trying to think of ways to further flourish?
  • Are you going through a patch of low confidence and feel all your training, certification and hard work isn’t paying off?

If you can relate to any of these common barriers, then let us dive in! These scenarios may often be a result of misguided or dated beliefs, practices and assumptions, but, for a new approach, engaging the services of a business coach will utterly make a positive impact in your respective businesses.

Why Is A Team Better Than Just One Coach?

Here at LeVeon, our team of experts are not only business coaches. The team also has different successful business owners who want others to grow as well.

A single business coach may be an expert in their particular field, but they cannot be an expert in all industries. Your business needs a pool of influential trade experts to deliver a worthwhile outcome for everyone and LeVeon can help you pool knowledge and advice from multiple business sectors.

Our dedicated coaching team will transform your know-how, skills, and all-inclusive business operations into the master success you have been yearning for. This includes the bigger picture as well as all the detailed management skills needed in every part of the business, right down to the company rates.

Most businesses

Significance of Getting the Right Business Coaching in Australia

Most businesses can benefit from a Tradies Business Coach when you find the one best suited to your business’ needs. Having knowledgeable, and experienced professionals who have a better understanding of the trends of your business is a must in beating the competition.

 At LeVeon, we select business experts who have extensive experience in a broad range of trades and you can tap into this knowledge by engaging our business coaching services so you can be sure to get matched with the right fit.

Signing up with LeVeon also comes with a string of benefits which include:

1. A weekly one on one Accountability Session with our Professional Business Coaches.

Courtesy of LeVeon, you will be scheduling a quarterly plan with one of our business coaches. The plans are designed to maintain steady commercial growth. After an agreement with your designated business coach, our Tradies Accountants will give you a weekly call to discuss your progress and implementation of the plans you have jointly created.

2. Transform Your Book-keeping with Clear Budgets

LeVeon Tradies Accountant platform pulls up your business financial data from our own Bookkeeping software. With the help of your Tradie Business Coach, you can now keep regular track of your financial performance and create the profits you have been yearning for.

3. Automatically Track Your Tradies Business Success and Iron Out the creases.

Keeping track of your sales pipeline is hugely important and with LeVeon, you can track all the information on one dashboard. Record all the capital you pump in, compare it with the relatable income and see exactly how your professional finances are performing.

4. Uplift Your Wages, Profit Margin, and the Company’s Net worth

By working with LeVeon advisors, you will start to steadily witness the ongoing success of your tradie business, allowing you to focus more on doing what you love.

5. Exclusive Access to Australia’s Finest Experts

The LeVeon platform allows you to ask our tradies business coach all the business-related questions you ever thought of – anything from how to design the best logo to the best way to motivate your bookkeepers, from marketing to leadership. It all adds up.

6. Surround Your Tradies Business with Like-Minded People

Deeply rooted in the Australian community, LeVeon has Tradie Business Coaches, advisors, mentors, and bookkeepers in:

  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Canberra
  • Central Coast
  • Darwin
  • Gold Coast
  • Hobart
  • Melbourne
  • Maitland
  • Newcastle
  • Perth
  • Sydney
  • Taree
  • Wollongong

The constant spread of our business tradies network, ensures you will be able to meet business people who share the same goals as you, securing effective transfer of business knowledge amongst stakeholders.

Not only do you secure effective Tradies Business Coaching

7. Learn Business Techniques from Industries in Australia

Not only do you secure effective Tradies Business Coaching, but you will also be able to sit at the table alongside big Australian names, exchanging your expertise with them as they exchange with you.

Every month, our accountants and planners sit at the same table as some of the most influential people in the economy. Trade success is achievable and you are no exception!

Would you like to learn how you can become involved? or would like to understand more about how our program works? All you need to do is schedule an appointment with us at LeVeon today.