A Fringe Benefit is any non-monetary benefit given to an employee in lieu of wages. For example, use of a company car, work phone or paying for their children’s school fees.

The ATO are forever shining the spotlight on this area due to the high level of non-compliance.

We ensure that your business is forever FBT compliant and pays the absolute minimal amount of tax by utilising every single FBT exemption and concession that we possibly can.

Salary packaging or salary sacrifice is the arrangement between the employer and employee for some of their expenses to be paid straight from the employee’s pre-tax salary in lieu of receiving the cash as wages.

If packaged correctly, the salary sacrifice can result in substantial cash savings for the employee at no extra cost to the employer.

Your employees are one of the most important aspects of your business and salary packaging is an effective way to attract and retain rock star employees.

Some examples of salary packaging include;

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