Free Webcam & Headset

At LeVeon, we believe communication is key to success!

It is for this very reason that we offer FREE webcams and headsets to all of our business clients who live outside a 30 kilometre radius of our office in Newcastle.

For us it is a small price to pay to be able to have meaningful and value added meetings with our clients via Zoom meetings and Skype.

Online meetings offer all the perks of a face-to-face meeting minus the handshake. They allow us to share our screens with you to further illustrate our points via graphs, diagrams, financials etc. But most importantly, it allows us to build deep and meaningful connections with our clients on a far more personal level then just phone calls and emails.

And the beauty of it… You can hold an online meeting in the very comfort of your own home.

The services we offer our clients are powerful and unique. The last thing we want is to be unable to help business owners maximise their profits and drastically reduce the time they spend in their business because they felt they were based too far away from our office.

Technology is a wonderful thing and has allowed mankind to communicate with one another from anywhere around the globe.

Just as we instruct our current clients to do, we are advising you to embrace technology into your business and reap the benefits of the revolution

Watch the video below to see a brief example of just how powerful and meaningful an online meeting can be.

Want to learn how we can help you more? Simply leave us a brief message here or better, yet schedule a free, no string attached consultation with us here at a time that suits you. We are flexible, both with our time and how we meet with you. So, if you cannot make it too our office, then we can come to you, no problems at all, or better yet, we can set up an online meeting so you can discuss intimate details about your business and finances from the comfort of your own home. The decision is entirely yours.