Tradie Business Coach Brisbane

Tradie Business Coach Brisbane

Are you considering starting your trade or construction business in Brisbane? This city has a progressive economic environment. The London-based FDI magazine actually rated it highly in terms of foreign direct investment strategy.

Many Brisbane investors are confident that they will get a good return on investment in no time. However, as the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. You need an expert to guide you throughout the process to make sure you do not waste your resources. Our team in LeVeon is happy to be with you in every step of the way.

LeVeon is the Ideal Tradies Business Coach

Growing and scaling a Brisbane business is a herculean task. A company starts to fail when its growth starts to surpass the business itself. Cash flow becomes so deficient it becomes hard to continue trading. It will have a domino effect on the other businesses to which the company owes a significant amount of money.

If you fail to streamline your business operations, your profits will just leak out like a sieve. Our team in LeVeon is composed of experienced Tradies Business Mentors. We will make sure that your company is well equipped to withstand any form of turbulence that may arise along the way.

What we can do for you

We developed our team in such a way that we become a 1-stop shop for those who need guidance on business development.

Our team will be reviewing and analysing all business processes to answer the most critical questions:

When we are on-site, we have an eye for detail to make sure that we achieve the following:

We also help in building a presence in your target market:

For accounting and taxation:

For business advisory:

Our Work Ethic as a Tradies Business Advisor is Excellent

We are aware that there are many Tradies Business Coaching companies out there who will promise the moon and stars to you. Unfortunately, they never hold themselves accountable. Talk is cheap. At LeVeon, we will work closely with you to make sure that you have exhausted all means to protect your business. We will make sure that your company will not become just another statistic, and will continue to grow for the years to come.

Distance is not an issue when it comes to securing Tradies Business Success

We are in Newcastle, which is approximately 700km from Brisbane. However, distance will never be an issue for us when it comes to serving our clients, thanks to the power of technology! You do not need to travel long hours to reach us. We give webcams and headsets to our clients who reside beyond 20km from our office for free. In this way, you can reach us via phone call or Skype every time you need our advice.

We Expect High-Quality Results and Nothing Else

We are 100% committed to delivering the quality of work that is expected with the money you pay us. With this, we want to put your mind at ease by removing all risks on your end. We ask you to double the fees you will pay us for the first 90 days. If your company does not get that same amount in terms of additional profits after three (3) months, we will be happy to refund what you paid for – no questions asked. We give positive results, or we don’t get paid at all.

Grow Your Business with LeVeon Starting Today.

Curious and want to learn more? Feel free to leave us a message here or better yet, let us talk! You can schedule a no strings attached consultation meeting with us at a schedule that best suits you via this link. We can even meet up in person or online too. What matters is we are looking forward to working with you!