Tradie Business Coach Gold Coast

Tradie Business Coach Gold Coast

While the idea of “hard work pays off” still rings true in this era, this is also the age of “working smart”. Growing and scaling your business no longer has to entail long hours of work. At LeVeon, we provide business solutions that will help you generate profits while cutting the amount of time you put in within your business.

We Help Your Business Stay Afloat Throughout the Turbulence

If you’re a new small business owner, growing and scaling the business can be daunting no matter how well-prepared you believe you are. The fear of failure is real. When the company fails and goes bankrupt, it is mostly because of the supply chain’s growth surpassing the business and its operations. It results in negative cash flow, which can paralyze the business operations and have a domino effect on all other businesses of the company. With substantial money owed, it is at risk of being cash flow deficient as well.

We at LeVeon hate to see this happens. That’s why we offer every service that business owners like, to ensure readiness for all the unfavorable things that may arise. We provide the following services to small business owners in the trade and construction industry:

We Get You Positive Results or We’ll Refund You Your Money

Yes, you read that right — you will get your money back if you don’t see a 100% return on additional profits relative to the fees you gave us in just 90 days. That is how confident we are with our services; we know we can get you nothing but awesomely positive results. We will transform your business into a cash flow positive and profit-making machine. Either you get that, or you don’t pay us.

As your trusted advisor, we at LeVeon will arm your business with the comprehensive approach and techniques to ensure its survival. We’ll help make sure that it doesn’t become just another statistic in the volatile business arena.

We analyse and critique all of the processes within your business to establish:

Back office



Accounting & Taxation

Business Advisory

Gold Coast: The Globally-Connected City

Passionately motivated to adopt telecommunications and cutting-edge technologies, the Gold Coast is poised to become the country’s fastest-growing economy and the leading digital city. The Gold Coast is known as a lifestyle and leisure city and is home to a multi-cultural population of 590,000 people. With so much potential for growth owing to its framework for long-term sustainable growth, digital city infrastructure, and a globally-connected entrepreneurial culture, it is a haven for business owners and investors.

Let Us Be Your Partner in Attaining Your Business Goals

LeVeon is headquartered in Newcastle, but no client is too far from us. We definitely can still provide all the help and advice you will ever need to succeed in growing and scaling your business thanks to technology. We offer free webcams and headsets to all of our clients outside a 20klm radius of our office. With these devices, we can set up online meetings, and all that’s left to iron out is the most convenient time to conduct meetings.

If you have any questions in mind, touch base with us by leaving us a message. You can also schedule an obligation-free consultation with us at a time that suits you. We are ready to accommodate you; if you cannot make it to our office, we can come to you. Alternatively, we can set up an online meeting and go over the details of your business and finances right from the comfort of your own home.