Tradie Business Coach Hobart

Tradie Business Coach Hobart

When you run your own business as a tradie, it can turn out to be equal parts rewarding, and equal parts tough! It takes a lot of time and energy, and that makes it so much more important that you get a successful pay off. Tradies put their all into setting up and running their businesses, and the team at LeVeon knows this better than most. LeVeon specialises in business coaching for tradies, to help them through the unexpected things that inevitably crop up when you run your own business. If you don’t get the right advice when starting out, it can quickly spiral out of control.

One of the most important lessons business owners have to learn is when to delegate tasks that they don’t specialise in. You can’t be the master of all areas of your business – there simply isn’t enough time to become a qualified accountant, lawyer, qualified tradesperson and small business expert! That’s why clever business owners recognise early on that it’s best to hire specialists to do specialist jobs.

The role of the business coach is to get to know their client and their clients business, and be able to spot areas where specialist help might be needed well before a problem might occur. They also teach their clients business management skills to make sure they succeed. Having a business coach is no different to hiring a music teach or a personal trainer – they’re technical skills and they require a teacher to learn!

The business experts at LeVeon have a passion for teaching their clients, and helping to guide them through the different stages of their business so they can achieve sustained growth. The most precious resource for a business owner is time – having extra time means you can spend more time on new ideas, or doing the other things in life you enjoy! Our business coaches will teach you to run a business so smoothly, you have more time in your day at the same time as growing your business!

The team at LeVeon is so confident in our business experts that we have laid down a money-back guarantee on getting you results – no matter the challenges we encounter!

The planning, set-up and running of a business has a lot of moving parts, everything needing to come together at the right time, in the right place. For so many new business owners, they start their businesses on the run – setting things up as they occur, without any real planning. In other cases, tradies think they have done really well on the planning, only for it to fall to pieces when they encounter something they didn’t anticipate. It’s easy to forget something or to simply be unaware – business is a complex area.

Getting the advice of a business coach during the stages of planning, set up and running can help immensely in getting your new business off to the right start. It might be an existing business that you’re taking over rather than a new one – In this case, you might want the help of an expert in doing a business health check. Regardless of the stage your business is at, getting its current state assessed and setting some goals is super important.

Don’t let the small mistakes pile up until they become overwhelming – be clever enough to know what you don’t know, and hire someone who does. Everyone has heard about a business that seemed healthy suddenly going out of business, and what you never know is how many unintended mistakes or challenges popped up for that business that were ultimately mishandled. It could be a bunch of small things, or maybe just one big one that can bring the whole thing toppling down – things like project budget blow-outs, superannuation payments, taxation issues, copyright or intellectual property infringements, badly drawn up leases and payroll issues. All of these things and many more can easily become an issue if you don’t get the right advice to begin with.

At LeVeon we specialise in business coaching for tradies and business owners in trade and construction businesses. Don’t fly blind when it comes to running your business – avoid cash flow constrictions, slumping business growth and taxation muddles by making use of all the experts LeVeon can connect you to, including:

Don’t pay for a whole lot of nothing – we only deal in solid results

Our Hobart clients get the best support and advice that LeVeon has to offer, with every part of their business checked for best practice and performance. We live in a world where so many things are out of our control and unpredictable, including things that can happen in business. However, the reality is that while some things can’t be planned for – there is a whole lot that can! Most success comes down to solid planning and getting great professional advice.

The team of business coaches at LeVeon have a real passion for teaching their clients, and seeing them begin to navigate the business world successfully for themselves. Seeing our Hobart tradies become accomplished business professionals, and making great progress in meeting their business goals is such a rewarding experience for any teacher. Our business coaches all have a strong business acumen, with differing backgrounds in specialised business areas and with their own experience in running a business. We are so sure that our coaches can help you get results that we are willing to offer our clients a 90-day money back guarantee. Yep – you read that right!

We live in a world now where it is so easy for individuals and businesses online to make amazing-sounding claims, with no obligation to back that up with any real expertise or results. LeVeon wants to offer our clients security and build trust, and offering a financial guarantee is the best way that we can do that. We hold our team accountable, and are confident in our ability.

It is a point of pride for us that we choose to offer our clients total peace of mind by guaranteeing your results – not in empty promises, but by putting our money where our mouth is. To ensure you succeed, we tell our clients to take our fees over the first 90 days and double the figure. If after 3 months you don’t see any additional profits – you get all your money back. Just like a normal business transaction, you shouldn’t have to pay for nothing.

Here at LeVeon, we take an intense look at your business processes and see where to improve. In essence, we look for:

Back office



Accounting & Taxation

Business Advisory

Canberra – the capital of Australia and a bustling hub of business and education

Hobart is a unique city given that it is the capital of an island territory – the second oldest city in Australia, in fact. Its separation from the mainland means that the services of tradies are especially important. The entire business economy of Hobart is actually fairly insular, unique and concentrated due to its geographical lay out, and historical development. As anyone can understand, if you live on an island then you certainly want to make sure you’re relatively self-sufficient, and that includes having a healthy choices of tradespeople that can perform any task needed!

Hobart began its life as a penal colony, a place where Australian criminals were sent away from the mainland. As such, a fair amount of infrastructure in Hobart was developed early on to support an influx of residents. It is a city that boasts a number of beautiful heritage buildings, as well as a thriving timber trade, Cadbury factory, and robust tourism industry. It is a strategically important port for Antarctic vessels, giving access to both Australian and French icebreakers. The city’s tradie population accounts for a whopping 13.3% – it’s no wonder that LeVeon has market for business coaching in this beautiful city!

Hobart and the state of Tasmania in general has a uniquely special need for their tradespeople, and the lifestyle there encourages the take up of trades and artisanal skill sets. Hobart is becoming a growth city, with many people moving there due to the attractive lifestyle and scenery. While the city and territory grows – so too does trade business. Where business is growing, the need for business coaches will always exist, and LeVeon is privileged to work with many Hobart tradies.

Let LeVeon power up your business game

Those that live in Hobart are no stranger to technology and ding things via distance. Thanks to recent advances and shifts in the way we do business more permanently, LeVeon is even better placed to give our remote clients the support and advice they need, whenever they need it.

Becoming remote-work friendly should be high on any tradie business list and where needed, we will even provide webcams and headsets if you live outside the 20-kilometre radius from our Newcastle office. Business owners in Hobart should be at the forefront of technically savvy practices with their distance from the mainland and our support is willing to go as far as all of that – a team of experts, a money back guarantee and solid logistical support.

Go ahead and leave your message here or better yet – schedule a free, obligation free consultation with us here at a time that suits you. We will always be flexible and find a time that suits you. What are you waiting for?