Taxation and compliance are both an important and a compulsory part of your business. We are experts in this field, and we can take the complexity out of tax for you and ensure that you pay the minimum amount of tax allowable for your situation over the life of your business.

We do this by taking a bird’s eye view of your business, the tax position of your immediate family members and structures put in place to house your investments. We then analyse the relationships between the business, each entity, your investments and family members and then strategically utilise each of the above mentioned to minimise the effects of taxation over the life of your business.

We make ourselves readily available to answer any and all of your tax related queries and we pride ourselves on our same day call back promise.

While it takes years of experience and study and constant upkeep to remain an expert in taxation ultimately the value, we can provide you in relation to taxation, from a dollar standpoint is capped.

This is because tax is measured as cents in the dollar. As in, it takes a $3 tax deduction to generate a $1 tax saving.

Furthermore, there are only so many things you can do within the law to actively reduce your tax without committing fraud.

Our mentality is, that if the dollar value for the tax services we can provide for you is capped then so should our fees to complete our tax services.

That’s why our fees for taxation services are based solely on the size and complexity of your business structure and not how profitable your business is. The fees are fixed, agreed upon, upfront and paid off in equal monthly instalments for ease of cash flow.

We just want to upfront and honest with you.

In addition to this, to save you money on our fees, we will actively work with you to utilize resources within your own organisation, such as your administration staff or internal/external bookkeeper to complete as many of your compliance tasks as legally possible, or we can introduce you to our own bookkeeping contacts who specialize in payroll, data entry and BAS/IAS.

At LeVeon we cover all tax related services, some of which are listed below;

Want to learn how we can help you more? Simply leave us a brief message here or better, yet schedule a free, no string attached consultation with us here at a time that suits you. We are flexible, both with our time and how we meet with you. So, if you cannot make it too our office, then we can come to you, no problems at all, or better yet, we can set up an online meeting so you can discuss intimate details about your business and finances from the comfort of your own home. The decision is entirely yours.