Business Advisory

Taxation and compliance are both compulsory and important factors to consider within your business.

However, at LeVeon we believe that tax is merely a derivative of profit, and whilst we will fight tooth and nail for every available deduction your business is entitled too to save you money, the real money is made in streamlining, growing and scaling your business until it maxes out its potential and/or we reach your business and financial goals.

Tax is merely a derivative of profit.

If managed correctly by professionals, taxation on your business, corporate and family structure as a whole, should rarely exceed the small business company tax rate (currently 25%).
Your business itself makes up the remaining 75% of the big picture and it is for this reason that we make it our top priority.
The concept however, is far more simple then this.
You have spent time training, learning, absorbing everything you need to know to be a professional at your trade.
Your profession is your meal ticket to establishing generational wealth.
Learning how to harness the potential of your meal ticket will ultimately determine how wealthy you become.

Seeking expert guidance shortens your learning curve exponentially allowing you to increase your profits immediately and therefore compound your earnings several years earlier. 


Our philosophy is a simple one and is based on providing the cure for the 7 most frequent symptoms owners face in their business.

Business Advisory - Business Advisory

These 7 symptoms are as follows:

1. Suffocation

(Severe cash flow pressures)

2. Growing Pains

(No strategy to handle growth)

3. Exhaustion

(Owner's wearing all the hats, working 80 hours a week)

4. Starvation

(Unable to increase market share and profitability)

5. Insomnia

(Up all night with stress and worry)

6. Sunburn

(Neglected to protect themselves, their business and their assets)

7. Blindness

(Failed to plan, planned to fail)

At LeVeon, it is our mission to provide the necessary guidance and services to aid business owners in reaching their personal and financial goals and reclaiming their free time back from their business, to spend with family and loved ones so that they can lead the life they always envisioned.

"Lead the life they always Envisioned"

Some of the key services we provide at LeVeon include;

If you seek the number one trusted advisor in the trades and construction industry who is willing and able to take the journey that “Enables you to lead the life you always Envisioned”, then simply leave a brief message here or better yet schedule a free, no string attached consultation with us here at a time that suits you.

We are flexible, both with our time and how we meet with you. So, if you cannot make it too our office, then we can come to you, no problems at all, or better yet, we can set up an online meeting so you can discuss intimate details about your business and finances from the comfort of your own home. The decision is entirely yours.