Accounting & Taxation

As an added value to our business services we also provide specialist accounting and tax compliance services. We keep up to date on all changes to tax and fiscal legislation to ensure that our advice is timely and relevant to your situation.

At LeVeon we specialise in utilising your corporate structure to gain maximum asset protection and to manage the effective tax rate you pay on your business profits allowing for improved cash flow and sustained wealth creation.

We guarantee that you won’t pay a single cent more than the minimum tax amount allowable for your situation over the life of your business.

Some of the services we provide at LeVeon include;

Accounting & Taxation - Business Accounting
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Feeling more like a number than a valued client? Can’t remember the last time your accountant contacted you ‘just to touch base and see how you and your business are travelling?

It is the little things that make a difference and the type of service we at LeVeon pride ourselves on.

To learn more about how we can add value to your business through specialist accounting and taxation services with our own little personalised touch, then simply leave a brief message here or better, yet schedule a free, no string attached consultation with us here at a time that suits you. We are flexible, both with our time and how we meet with you.

So, if you cannot make it too our office, then we can come to you, no problems at all, or better yet, we can set up an online meeting so you can discuss intimate details about your business and finances from the comfort of your own home. The decision is entirely yours.