Accounting & Taxation

As an added value to our business services we also provide specialist accounting, bookkeeping and tax compliance services. We keep up to date on all changes to tax and fiscal legislation to ensure that our advice is timely and relevant to your situation.

At LeVeon we specialise in utilising your corporate structure to gain maximum asset protection and to manage the effective tax rate you pay on your business profits allowing for improved cash flow and sustained wealth creation.

Some of the services we provide at LeVeon include;

Accounting & Taxation - Business Accounting
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By nature we are creatures of habit and like to stick with what we know.

Besides, how would you know what your missing out on if you have never experienced anything else to compare against?

Your business is your meal ticket.

Not optimising your business performance can cost you hundred’s of thousands of dollars and wasted years not experiencing true wealth and your dream lifestyle.

Despite a lack of trust and general feeling of unhappiness,

many small business owners stay with their accountants for years for fear that changing accountants is a messy and time consuming process.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

After meeting with us, we contact your previous accountant and request your accounting and taxation records. It’s as simple as that.

During our free initial consultation with you we discuss the services you need/desire and determine a fixed price together. From that moment on, payments for our services are paid as fixed monthly instalments.

No more guessing costs or awkward fee disputes.

Take that first bold step toward your dream lifestyle and book a no strings attached consult with us click the button below