At LeVeon, our goal is to work with you to make your business thrive. We want to enable you to lead the life you have always envisioned. Our staff work closely with your business, customising our services to gain an intimate knowledge of your business. We design, adjust and implement tailor-made strategies to help grow your business. We want nothing more than to increase your business profitability so you can spend less time worrying about work and more time doing the things you love, with the people that you love.

At LeVeon, we have utilised the services of Jezweb Pty Ltd to create and build our website and manage our marketing strategy to ensure we continue to attract our much-loved customers. For us, we wanted to work with alongside a company that values our customers as much as we do. Jezweb has assisted us in many aspects of our brand recognition and marketing strategy.

Search Optimisation

Jezweb has created a targeted search optimisation strategy by utilising keywords to help boost LeVeon’s presence on the Google and Bing platforms. They have utilised the Google my Business functions and track our google search results with Google analytics. Jezweb’s confidence in search optimisation comes from having built and optimised thousands of websites, maintained hundreds of SEO test sites and by following the current and future trends of today. At LeVeon, we want our customers to know who we are, and be their first search and Jezweb has allowed us to become this.

Website Design

We at LeVeon put the needs of our customers first. We get to know you and your business and assist in making decisions that suit the needs of the business. Jezweb has designed and created our website with our needs at the heart of all the decisions. Our modern and sleek website design is a testament to their understanding of our business, our company branding and what we want to achieve.

Website Hosting

At LeVeon, we are about making your job easier and taking the stress off you. Jezweb has done exactly that for us, in making website hosting an easy and relaxing experience for us. They are hosting our website and utilising WordPress which has great availability for easy editing and smooth website design transition. It is the platform of choice and makes managing our website that much easier.

Marketing - Marketing
Marketing - Marketing

Video Production

As experts in our field, we want to ensure that you are getting the most accurate information and want to assist in making your business shine. Jezweb has assisted in making our business shine by aiding us in the conception and practical application of photography and videography content to advertise and market our business to potential new customers. They have made it about our business and our story, and we believe that this is an important aspect of getting to know your customers.

At LeVeon, we want what’s best for our customers. We want to take the time to get to know you and your business. Jezweb shares these values. Jezweb pride themselves on being experts in their field, just like we do. Their services include;

Our experience with Jezweb in designing, building and managing our website has been nothing less than impressive. If you require assistance with any of the above services, contact Jezweb today or visit them online to start the process.