At LeVeon, our goal is to work with you to make your business thrive. We want to enable you to lead the life you have always envisioned.

We design, adjust and implement tailor-made strategies to help grow your business. We want nothing more than to increase your business’ profitability.

At LeVeon, we have utilised the services of Oddfish Media to create and build our clients websites and manage their custom marketing strategies to ensure they have a constant reliable stream of qualified leads at an optimised lead and conversion rate.

"Marketing Strategy is unique for every business"

For us, we wanted to work alongside a business who use analytics to quantify and optimise performance and value our clients and their success equally as much as we do.

Oddfish Media excel at heightening your brand recognition and ensuring you get maximum bang for buck on your marketing spend.

Marketing strategy is unique to every business and is defined on who their key target market is and where they can be found.

Therefore, their is no one size fits all strategy in determining optimum market spend based on each businesses needs and desires.

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Search Optimisation (SEO)

Oddfish Media create a targeted search optimisation strategy by utilising keywords to help boost your organic presence on the Google platform.

Essentially, it is all about getting on the first page for organic search of strategised keywords your target market enter into Google’s search engine.

To put it into perspective, if you robbed a bank and needed a secure hideout, you would create a base on page two of Google. Your guaranteed to never get found.

They utilise the Google my Business functions and track your google search results with technological leading analytics.

Their confidence in search optimisation comes from having built and optimised thousands of websites, maintained hundreds of SEO test sites and by following the current and future trends of today.

At LeVeon, we want your target audience to know who you are, and be their first search and Oddfish can allow you to become this.

Website Design

We at LeVeon put the needs of our customers first.

We get to know you and your business and assist in making decisions that suit the needs of the business.

Your website, once optimised, becomes your online salesman and is crucial for establishing legitimacy with your audience and aides in guiding them throughout the decision making process.

It is crucial for brand awareness, lead generation and lead qualification with all business to consumer strategies targeted at finding your target audience and sending them to your website for information content,

effectively automating the fact-find and ultimate decision phases of the buyers decision making process.

Websites are designed and created with every possible thought process and instinctive data consumption method  your target audience may consider or possess allowing you to capture the attention of every genuine lead who spends time on your website. 

Their modern and sleek website designs are fast, responsive, opulent and informative.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is perfect for capturing leads who are close or nearing the end of the decision making process, effectively labelling them as “ready-to-buy” now.

It essentially incorporates Pay per click (PPC) strategies to engage those using search engine’s for research and information.

Given their is limited “real estate” in the search engine for PPC advertising, the price per click rises, as does overall marketing spend required, the more competitive your industry and key word space is.

It isn’t simply a case of whomever has the biggest budget wins,

Google algorithms calculate the “ad auction” stage factor in two tests. 

The performance score of your ad words play a major part in your ability to own the real estate at the top of page one in Google, in tandem with your budget.

Understanding required ad spend, relevant to ad performance and overall cost per conversion is the juggling act that is Search Engine Marketing.

It requires experience and expertise to keep their fingers on the pulse to ensure you aren’t burning money on  unnecessary or poor performing ad spend.

Video Production

As experts in our field, we want to ensure that you are getting the most accurate information and want to assist in making your business shine.

Video content has overtaken static imagery as your target audiences number one choice of consuming information.

Content creation strategies based on the conception and practical application of photography and videography content to advertise and market your business are crucial when attempting to resonate with your target audience.

They make it about your business, they show off your technical skillset and are perfect in portraying your personal story. and we believe that this is an important aspect of getting to know your customers.

Oddfish Media pride themselves on being experts in their field, just like we do.


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