Wealth Creation

Real Wealth isn't built simply from earning a fat pay cheque

Genuine wealth, the sustainable and multi-million dollar kind that takes up none of your spare time and allows you to lead the life you always envisioned, is earned by utilising excess cash flow generated by your business and investing it into cash flow positive passive investments.


It’s one thing to mentor you as you scale your business to 7 figures +, but what separates us from the herd is our ability to coach you on how to best utilise the excess cash flow your profit making machine business has generated for you, over and above what is required to fund your current lifestyle, and invest it wisely into cash flow positive property investments.

Wealth creation - LeVeon

You see if the investment is cash flow positive then it literally pays itself off. Therefore, the true measure of your return on investment is simply the deposit put down in comparison to the net profit generated.

Not to mention that if the property doesn’t register a return, then you, the owner, don’t get to experience any wealth until the property is nearly paid off, sometimes 20 years or more down the track.

The investment is really just debt

dressed in an expensive tailored suit

“saving” you tax but chewing into your after tax income

affecting your borrowing capacity by reducing your serviceability.

Therefore, you will eventually “cap out” your property portfolio. It’s inevitable.


LeVeon have partnered up with the leaders in their field to ensure that you can:

They specialise in passive investment advisory services through an array of varying bricks-and-mortar investment options.

Not satisfied with settling for the “norm” they have lobbied for change and even created products that were previously written off by others in their field as unachievable to ensure that their clients get the ultimate bang for buck by guiding you as you build a cash flow positive, low risk property portfolio that generates revenue on auto pilot. 

And their experts in their chosen niche…

Their business models are custom built with multiple strings to their bows, to ensure that you have the ability to set both yourself and your family up for the future.


We literally cater to your every need!


Wealth Creation - Wealth Creation
Wealth Creation - Wealth Creation

They quite literally scour the country for the most profitable investment opportunities.

And in order to build a multi-million dollar portfolio, in just a few short years, then all you need to do is…

Simply rinse and repeat the process. It’s that easy. 

If you don’t quite meet the required minimum levels of equity and serviceability for borrowing capacity purposes, fear not, this is where LeVeon step in. To maximise profits in your business, free up your spare time and give you the ability to invest your excess cash flow in a passive property portfolio where you earn coin without having to lift a finger and ultimately lead the lifestyle you always envisioned”