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LeVeon Business Advisors are fed up of hearing stories of business owners struggle to break out of start-up phase and be nothing more than a contractor at the mercy of their “big brother”,

We have grown tired of listening to business owners complain about working their arses off, yet their cash flow struggles are worsening.

It pains us to hear of business owners finally becoming profitable only to become a slave to their business working anywhere up to 80 hours a week and never spending time with their family and loved ones.

We have ran out of fingers to count the times people have told us they have capped out their turnover not understanding that they in fact are the bottleneck.

We don’t want people to think they have to bust themselves until their 60 because they haven’t been educated on wealth creation strategies.

We want to put a stop to all of this!!!

What we just described are symptoms of the following underlying problems:

About Us - LeVeon
About Us - LeVeon

These are the most common symptoms owners in the trades and construction industry face within their business and we pride ourselves on our ability to administer the cure to those symptoms (and more) and not only that, we will sort out your bookkeeping, accounting and tax for you too.

There are trades and construction business owners all over the country suffering from these problems in their business.

At LeVeon we want to help everyone. We don’t want to be confined to just helping tradies in our region.

LeVeon have all the tools and insights necessary for business owners in the trades and construction industry to transform their business’ into 7 figure, cash flow positive, profit-making machines without having to work any longer then they already do…

In fact, LeVeon guarantee that they will work less, anywhere up to 40% less. 

LeVeon have had enough of just sitting idle watching business owners in the trades and construction industry suffer because they don’t know that there is a service out there that can solve all their problems and make all of their business and financial goals come true

Technology has improved to the point where the need to drop into our office is no longer necessary. Email, phone, text, portable electronic devices, Wi-Fi, Skype, Zoom, Cloud-based software…

The list of available technology out there that allows us to connect with you is vast and endless.

We want to make as many business owners successful as we possibly can!! without compromising on quality.

It’s as simple as that.

So to do that we gift FREE webcams and headsets to all our clients who live more than 20kms away from our head office. This ensures that distance is NEVER a barrier. All you will ever need is a computer and Wi-fi.

Take that first bold step toward your dream lifestyle and book a no strings attached consult with us click the button below

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