Tradie Business Coach Adelaide

Tradie Business Coach Adelaide

Imagine growing and scaling your business without spending so much time doing it. You could spend the extra time doing things you love — or planning for business expansion, perhaps. At LeVeon, we provide business solutions that will transform your business from less than fruitful to profitable, without having to work any longer than you already do.

We Offer Solutions to Meet Growing Business Demands

Growing and scaling your business can be a daunting task. When you hear of businesses in the industry going belly up, it’s generally because someone in the supply chain’s growth surpassed their business and its operations. It has starved them of the cash flow to continue trading, which has a cascading effect on every other company down the line. As substantial money was owed to these businesses, they are now at risk of being cash flow deficient.

Fail to streamline your business operations adequately, and you will start leaking business profits like a sieve. This, however, can be preventable. As the business owner, you need to ensure that you are ready and able to handle all the hurdles that come as you grow and scale your business.

We offer our services to small business owners in the trade and construction industry by assisting with the supply and demand for:

Guaranteed Result or Your Money Back

We become your trusted advisor. We are so confident in our ability to transform your business into a cash flow positive, profit-making machine, that if you don’t recognise a 100% return on additional profits relative to our fees in just 90 days, we will refund you your money

We are aware that there are dozens of “experts” on the internet, promising you everything under the sun without ever holding themselves accountable. So, we want to put your mind at ease by eliminating all risk on your part and guaranteeing you the results you desire.

We tell you to take our fees over the first 90 days and double them. If your business doesn’t realise that amount in additional profits after three (3) months, we will refund you your fees. It’s as simple as that. We get you results, or we don’t get paid.

At LeVeon, we critique and intensely analyse every process within your business to establish:

Back office



Accounting & Taxation

Business Advisory

Adelaide: A Competitive Business Environment

Being at a central location in Australia, Adelaide is a business haven for construction, banking, finance, and high-tech electronics industries. With a lot of optimistic prospects in Adelaide this year, there is no reason why the capital of South Australia can’t bounce back to its former glory after having some downturns in recent times

Adelaide is also noted for its numerous festivals and sporting events, culinary range, wineries, and landscape including the coastline and hills. It has a rich arts and cultural backdrop. Adelaide is home for those seeking the dynamic yet serene living.

Grow Your Business with LeVeon

We are based out of Newcastle, but you need not mind that, because thanks to technology, we can be millions of kilometres apart and still provide all the help and advice you will ever need to succeed in your business.

 To ensure that we can do this (and to sweeten the deal some more), we offer free webcams and headsets to all of our clients who live outside a 20km radius of our office. We are never more than an email, phone or Skype call away. Leave a brief message here or better, yet schedule a free, no string attached consultation with us here at a time that suits you. 

If need be, we can adjust for you as well. Just let us know if a particular time, date and method of communication work best for you.