Tradie Business Coach Canberra

Tradie Business Coach Canberra

Building a business is one of the most time intensive, challenging and rewarding efforts a tradie can invest their energy in. Any business owner spends countless hours looking at how they can run their business more efficiently, reduce liabilities and keep growth on track. The unexpected challenges, obstacles and unintended mistakes in business that inevitably crop up can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t learn the golden rule of good business practice – know when you don’t know.

Part of being a successful business owner is recognising when you simply don’t have the knowledge or expertise in a given situation – it’s entirely normal and the best businesspeople hire specialists to perform those tasks for them.

If you find your head swimming as you grapple with a particular business-related issue – ask yourself whether you might get a better result in far less time if you consulted with a business coach. Business coaches exist purely to teach and counsel business owners throughout their journey to becoming successful, and the business specialists at LeVeon are no exception.

Our experts guide and support our Canberran tradies through their set ups, adjustments, growth and restructures. We provide the specialist services so they don’t have to worry about it, whilst freeing up more time for them to spend out of the office.

No matter the challenge or solution, LeVeon is confident we can deliver results – or your money back!

Running a business is a delicate ecosystem that contains many small moving parts. Whether you have taken over an existing business, are restructuring, or have founded and entirely new company – those whole process can certainly be stressful. There is a lot to be done in tandem and in a certain order to get it all rolling. Unfortunately, so many learn about the different areas of business by making mistakes, rather than by having them handled by a specialist or pointed out by a business coach.

Employing a business coach during critical junctures of your business planning can be one of the best business investments out there. Having what is essentially a personal teacher and mentor guide you through tried and tested methods and processes is a godsend when you’re starting out or sailing unchartered waters.

When you hear about a business or company in your industry that has started failing, it can come down to a myriad of small – and large – financial mistakes that could have been easily avoided had they got the right financial advice. Poor planning of projects, wage blow-outs and taxation confusion can all easily happen when you’re flying blind. At LeVeon we specialise in business coaching and advice for tradies and those in the construction industry, and can connect our clients to a host of specialists to help avoid cash-flow deficiencies, business growth stagnation and tax headaches such as: 

We deal in guaranteed results, don’t pay for nothing

The team at LeVeon works closely with our Canberra clients to make sure every possible angle of their business survival has been assessed and optimised. While there are some things in business that are unpredictable, it being a part of the world after all – many things are not. They’re down to good planning, and good business advice.

We take pride in teaching our clients and Tradies in Canberra to become the successful business owners they dream of, and are passionate about watching them progress. The team that we employ to coach and mentor out clients are experts at what they do with solid business experience. We’re so confident in our team and their ability to deliver results to their clients that we offer a 90-day money back guarantee. Read that last sentence again.

In the age of the internet, there are an endless amount of self-proclaimed experts to be found online. These individuals quite often make some pretty outrageous claims without ever having to back those claims up with real results or accountability.

As a point of pride and difference, we offer our clients total peace of mind. We guarantee our results not in empty promises, but in solid cash. To ensure you succeed, we tell our clients to take our fees over the first 90 days and double the figure. If after 3 months you don’t see any additional profits – you get all your money back. Just like a normal business transaction, you shouldn’t have to pay for nothing. 

Here at LeVeon, we take an intense look at your business processes and see where to improve. In essence, we look for:

Back office



Accounting & Taxation

Business Advisory

Canberra – the capital of Australia and a bustling hub of business and education

The city of Canberra is home to our Parliament and was founded in 1911, with construction on the city beginning 2 years later. Canberra is unique to Australia in that it is an entirely planned city, without the sprawling and more organic growth of most other cities. The blue print for the city was a competition for which many architects globally submitted designs. Ultimately, a pair of American architects won the competition, and a beautiful city was constructed in an orderly arrangement of geometric shapes and interspersed with gardens throughout. The result has been stunning in its effect, any visitors can confirm the profoundly calming space that such planning has created.

Canberra has a particularly specialised need for tradespeople as it is home to many important buildings such as the National Gallery, National Museum, the Royal Australian Mint, Parliament House, the Australian War Memorial – and many others. The maintenance and upkeep of our National Capital and its important structures is paramount to a thriving tourism, education and diplomatic industry. The population continues to swell in the thriving city, and as population growth happens – so too does the need for tradies, business owners and by extension – business coaches. 

Let LeVeon power up your business game

The big deal: The internet has made it possible for us to work with you regardless of where you are in Canberra or anywhere else in Australia. Becoming remote-work friendly should be high on any tradie business list and where needed, we will even provide webcams and headsets if you live outside the 20-kilometre radius from our Newcastle office. Business owners in Canberra should be at the forefront of technically savvy practices and is expected to lead other cities in their approaches. Our support is willing to go as far as all of that – a team of experts, a money back guarantee and solid logistical support.

Go ahead and leave your message here or better yet – schedule a free, obligation free consultation with us here at a time that suits you. We will always be flexible and find a time that suits you. What are you waiting for?