Tradie Business Coach Taree

Tradie Business Coach Taree

Here at LeVeon, we certainly know how hard it is to get a business started and then keep it growing and expanding successfully. Not only are we specialists in business operations and business finance – we’re a business ourselves. The team at LeVeon is first and foremost, in the business of helping their clients improve and fast track the success of their own businesses, and with exposure to so many over the years – we see what tradie business owners in particular go through to keep their operations up and running so well. So much time, love and care goes into a business. And often what that looks like is no time off, long work hours and huge sacrifices to make it all come together.

Depending on each business owner’s level of experience, there will always come a time when you need some specialist expertise or support. One of the biggest mistakes that a business owner can make is by trying to struggle through obstacles or mistakes alone – there is always someone who can reach down and lift you up. The best thing you can do in business is put ego aside, and recognise when it’s time to delegate a task to the professionals.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with a sticky or complicated business-related issue – ask yourself whether you would get quicker and hassle free results if you consulted with a business coach. The very reason that business coaches exist is to teach and counsel business owners on running and growing a successful business, and the business specialists at LeVeon are no exception.

Our expert coaches guide and support our Taree tradies through their set ups, adjustments, growth and restructures. We provide the specialist services so they can focus on the parts that interest them, while also freeing up some time for them to get out of the office!

LeVeon gives a money back guarantee – that’s how confident we are about getting you results!

The entire anatomy of a running business is complex, it has many moving parts and special function that all come together to produce a profitable income. Business can be started or acquired in many states, just like homes – they might be brand  new, they might be purchased as a going concern and changed very little by the new owners, or they might be completely remodelled an restricted! No matter what stage of the business life cycle you are jumping in on, the whole process can be potentially stressful for the inexperienced or time poor.

Getting off to the right start by employing a business coach is one of the smartest investments a tradie can make for their business, especially in a smaller town like Taree where services are competitive and travel for work is a must. There are many other specialists you would consult during important life events like your GP, your teachers, or even your personal trainers – business coaches aren’t any different, they’re experts at what they do.

When you hear about a business or company in your industry that has started failing, it can come down to a mix of small – and large – financial mistakes that could have been easily avoided had they got the right financial advice form the right people. Poor planning of projects, wage blow-outs, superannuation mistakes and taxation confusion can all easily happen when you’re flying blind and not taking the advice of specialists. At LeVeon we specialise in business coaching and advice for tradies and those in the construction industry, and can connect our clients to a host of specialists to help avoid cash-flow deficiencies, business growth stagnation and tax headaches such as:

Don’t pay for nothing – LeVeon only deals in concrete results

The team at LeVeon works closely with our Taree clients to make sure every possible angle of their business has been looked over and optimised for success. While there are some things in business that are unpredictable, So many things aren’t. They come down to good planning, and good business advice – and that is something that LeVeon can provide.

Part of the approach the business coaches at LeVeon take is making sure to teach our Taree clients how to apply all the knowledge they provide in a practical way. Our coaches take immense pride in watching our tradie clients progress in knowledge and confidence, something that their impressive experience in business and mentorship perfectly places them to provide.

LeVeon is so incredibly certain that our business coaches can get our customers the results they need that we offer a 90-day money back guarantee!

We know that there are so many business coaches and specialist services that can be found online these days that are offering all kinds of promises that they’re never required to back up with results. It can be a real minefield in terms of choosing the right consultant over the internet, so LeVeon has put its money where its mouth is to reassure our clients.

We offer our clients total peace of mind by putting down a guarantee. To ensure you succeed, we tell our clients to take our fees over the first 90 days and double the figure. If after 3 months you don’t see any additional profits – you get all your money back. Just like a normal business transaction, you shouldn’t have to pay for nothing.

Here at LeVeon, we take an intense look at your business processes and see where to improve. In essence, we look for:

Back office

Back office


Accounting & Taxation

Business Advisory

Taree – a north coast jewel

The town of Taree is located on the upper North Coast of New South wales, and is surrounded by the beautiful Manning Valley. Close to famous holidaying locations like Forster, Hawks Nest, Bellingen and Coffs Harbour – it’s a strategic spot to be running a tradie business from. There are a huge array of towns surrounding Taree that need tradie services, and as such those types of businesses are flourishing!

Because the town of Taree is so central to the beautiful Manning Valley area as well as being so close by the Myall Lakes National Parks areas, it has become a popular tourist accommodation choice and stop over for travellers making their way around the region. Tourism is the main driver of the region, and it keeps our tradie clients busy as they take care of and construct new hotels, camp sites and eateries. The rural nature of the area has attracted a number of retirees, and that increases the demand for tradie services as well for home remodels and maintenance. Overall, tradies who are looking to set up a business in Taree can look forward to great results if they get the right guidance!

The team at LeVeon: stepping up your business game

Thanks to the internet and great advances in technology, the team at LeVeon has set itself up to work with our clients wherever they are. Remote interactions with clients are no hassle, and can be organised for whenever it suits our clients best.

Becoming remote-work friendly should be high on any tradie business list and where needed, we will even provide webcams and headsets if you live outside the 20-kilometre radius from our Newcastle office. We want our business owners in Taree to be technically savvy to help them stay ahead of the game, and reduce interruptions in business when life throws you’re a curve ball! When work can be spread across so many regions, being connected at all times is super important. We commit to supporting our clients technically, as well as by offering fantastic services that are backed by a cash guarantee.

If you’re questioning your ability to handle a specialist business area, or you simply want a bit more free time in your life and peace of mind – call the team of experts at LeVeon today, and take a load off.